Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem don’t want to work together ‘all the time’

OSCAR-winning actress Penelope Cruz has insisted she doesn’t want to work with Javier Bardem “all of the time”.

The Oscar-winning actress and Javier – who have been married since 2010 – worked together on the drama movie Everybody Knows, but Penelope insisted they’ll only collaborate “when it makes perfect sense”.

Asked what she enjoys about working with her husband, the brunette beauty explained, “Well, there is a lot of trust and there is a similar way of working, so of course, it’s a great experience.

“But it’s not something we want to do, all of the time, even if it’s more convenient. We’ll only do it when it makes perfect sense, like in this piece or Loving Pablo.”

In the Asghar Farhadi-directed movie, Penelope’s character and Javier’s are not actually together.

But Penelope, 44 – who previously starred alongside her husband in Vicky Cristina Barcelona – admitted it didn’t change how she approached the role.

Penelope – who has kids Luna, five, and Leo, eight, with Javier – told Collider, “We didn’t look at it differently because they were not an actual couple, in present time. What I like is that the characters are so different from Loving Pablo.” – BANG!