PDI holds Fiqh Al-Jenayat course

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THE Islamic Da’wah Centre (PDI) through its Dakwah Dissemination Division is currently holding a Fiqh Al-Jenayat course at the PDI’s Darul Huda Building.

The four-day course, one of the programmes under the PDI’s Annual Planning of the Dakwah dissemination, aims to enhance the participants’ knowledge and relay to them new information on Islamic laws (Jenayat), with the goal of encouraging regular Dakwah practice among the staff in their daily work.

The course is facilitated by trained religious teacher at the Dakwah Dissemination Division Haji Imaharan bin Haji Metali, and attended by some 60 officers from various governmental departments. Several topics will be presented during the course, including definition of crime; criminal law and its arguments; criminal punishment; Qisas, Hudud and Ta’zir, the offences that result in Hudud punishments; and apostasy and punishment for leaving prayers.

Trained religious teacher at the Dakwah Dissemination Division of the Islamic Da’wah Centre Haji Imaharan bin Haji Metali conducts the course
Participants at the course. – PHOTOS: FIZAH HAB