Patriotic spirit fills school halls

James Kon

Jerudong International School (JIS) marked the 37th National Day with a flag hoisting near the school library on Monday, attended by the teaching and administrative staff as well as local and international students.

The 7.30am ceremony opened with a speech by Head Girl Jia Hui Liu and Head Boy Andrew Mead. Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) scholarship student from Year 13 Hamizan Rahman recited the prayers to start the ceremony.

Senior School Council members and Ministry of Education (MoE) scholarship students Adilah Jofri and Fadzli Adi Putra explained the history behind Brunei’s National Day celebration and the theme of this year’s celebration.

The JIS Orchestra performed the national anthem as the flag was hoisted.

Principal Nicholas Sheehan said, “It is always a tremendous honour to be able to participate in this special day.”

Meanwhile, kindergarten students of Chung Hwa Middle School (CHMS), BSB participated on Monday in a parade to commemorate the 37th National Day celebration, waving miniature flags around the school premises.

Earlier in the day, teachers briefed the students on the importance of National Day and respecting the national flag.

ABOVE & BELOW: Adilah Jofri and Fadzli Adi Putra explain the history behind Brunei’s National Day celebration; and CHMS students and teachers in a group photo. PHOTO: JIS & CHMS

Hoisting the national flag at JIS