Have patience with yourself, Imams tell Ummah

Azlan Othman

Muslims must be patient when tested, because each test has wisdom behind it. When trials and misfortunes befall on us, do not give a bad impression against Allah the Almighty and assume that we are the most hapless persons.

Imams in the Friday sermon said patience with yourself is the character and attitude of a virtuous person.

Patience is the most powerful weapon to bear against various tests, calamities and hardships. This is because with a patient attitude, a person will not act irrationally, they said.

People who are patient will always be calm, do not give up easily and never deny the decrees and provisions of Allah the Almighty, through insults, distress and hardships.

“Allah the Almighty will not test beyond the capability of His servants. Therefore, sometimes we are tested with different trials either for pleasure or hardship, possessions such as riches or poverty.

“There are also times when we are tested with life pressure such as social, emotional and financial pressure in terms of debts, family problems and so on.”

The Imams also called on the Ummah to give a good impression to all determinations and provisions of Allah the Almighty and try to overcome the test by finding a solution, praying, have tawakkal and by getting closer to Allah the Almighty.

“The trials are to test the strength of our faith and patience. Patience is the most beautiful gift that promises various gifts and rewards from Allah the Almighty.

“Believers see the test as the door of mercy which brings them closer to the paradise of Allah the Almighty. This is because the reward for those who are patient is a paradise in the hereafter,” the Imams said.