Palatial Armani

AP/ AFP – Giorgio Armani took the fashion crowd home for an intimate show in a 17th-century courtyard of a former noble residence at the heart of his former headquarters.

Models took a slow, deliberate pace past the paired Tuscan columns along the courtyard perimeter covered in greenery, allowing ample time to take in the elegantly tailored looks. A vest that closed asymmetrically with a geometric cut was a centre-piece garment, worn in soft velvet under a jacket or shirtless to show off toned biceps.

Soft jackets had new rounded lapel that contrasted with the angular vest. Looser linen trousers with button flies tapered harmoniously. Oversized silky shirts had a cape-like effect — and one bore the Giorgio Armani signature as a vertical print. Summer sweater dressing included comfortably velveteen trousers.

The men accessorised with a red beaded and sequin brooch, a neckerchief tied smartly around the neck and aviator sunglasses. A smattering of women’s looks showed the duality – from a sleek suit with a Nehru collar and satiny trouser to a cropped double breasted jacket with loose trousers, both echoing the masculine counterpart looks.