Do your part to tackle ‘Surplus visa racket’

I read with interest the story ‘Surplus visa racket dupes Bangladeshi workers’ published in the Borneo Bulletin on August 21.

The article did not surprise me as I have seen a number of foreign workers loitering about in commercial areas.

One needs to wonder if they are even employed.

There are instances where these foreign workers would even visit homes requesting for work.

When we say no, they ask for food and water while claiming that they do not have any money.

They do not even know who their employer is. The employer should be responsible for the employees’ wellbeing and provide shelter and take care of them.

The employer should also source work for them and no let them roam freely doing whatever they want.

These foreign workers cannot be totally blamed. They would have thought that when they arrived in Brunei with a valid work visa, a job was awaiting them.

The writer is urging the authorities to be firm and crack down on the illegal visa racket and to encourage the public to do their part by not employing illegal workforce

I can only assume that there is an ‘insider’ helping these ‘labour brokers’ providing a way for the foreign workers to enter the country.

These ‘labour brokers’ and the ‘insider’ are working together to gain profit by cheating the labour system.

I have heard rumours that the ‘employers’ here would allegedly charge an amount per month to rent the worker visa. This practice is unlawful.

I have also seen a foreign worker requesting for work on social media.

The foreign worker had even posted a fake Brunei worker visa with a fake employer address. It was even stated that his salary as a general worker was BND1,000 a month!

I urge the authorities to be firm and crack down on this unlawful racket.

I also request the public to do their part by not employing illegal workforce and supporting the culprits behind it.

Together we could and should make our country free from all these criminal activities.

Local observer