Parents’ role highlighted in Friday sermon

Rokiah Mahmud

The role of parents and guardians was highlighted in yesterday’s Friday sermon.
“Children are a gift entrusted by Allah the Almighty, to be well cared for and loved,” said Imams.

“Parents or guardians are responsible for carrying out this trust to the best of their abilities. Among the responsibilities which must be carried out is to ensure that children will receive proper education, especially religious education.

“Educating children is not an easy task that should be taken lightly, because the views of parents or guardians during the child’s formative years will shape his journey through life, particularly in this current age fraught with various challenges.

“The Book of Tarbiyyah al-Aulad Fil Islam gives several effective methods of educating children. Firstly, educating by example – as children like to imitate what they see, especially the behaviour of their parents and guardians. Therefore, parents are mirrors of exemplary behaviour or speech to their children.

“Secondly, educating through advice – which is one of the most gentle and effective ways of educating children regarding faith and morals. This includes introducing them to Allah the Almighty, together with His commandments, prohibitions and laws.

“Parents and guardians should not neglect their responsibilities or treat them lightly, because children who lack attention and care tend to drift towards activities which violate Islam, customs and ethics, and even the country’s laws.

“A balanced education of worldly and spiritual values is very important for children, because without knowledge, we cannot distinguish between right and wrong. As parents or guardians, we must always be concerned and caring towards our children in the emotional, mental and physical sense.

“Brunei Darussalam celebrates World Children’s Day annually, on November 20. The main objective of this celebration is to promote and support the physical, mental and social development of children.

“The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Reimagine a Better World’, which encourages all levels of society, especially children, to provide insights and ideas for the improvement of children’s conditions in all aspects, including education, health, development and planning towards a better life, so that they can go on to achieve their highest potential.”