Parents need to adapt to new norms

Now that the country has entered the Transition Phase, there are new guidelines to uphold and I hope that the populace will work together to overcome the challenges of COVID-19.
I was at a store recently when I saw a couple with their toddler. As this incident happened before the current Transition Phase, there was no mandate that stated that parents couldn’t be out and about with their young children.

However, I believe as parents, they should limit their children’s exposure to the environment, especially one that is crowded with shoppers.

Or if they must go to a shop, perhaps have one parent in the car with the young one, while the other parent gathers necessities at the store.

Same thing happened when I was grocery shopping. Since the start of the second wave, most shoppers have adopted the in-and-out strategy at supermarkets. But I saw a father with his little girl leisurely browsing items on the shelf, as though I had stumbled upon a window to an alternate reality, where there was no COVID-19 outbreak.

I sincerely hope that these parents would be more responsible during the Transition Phase.

After all, we’ve had three months of restrictive measures and most of us would like those days to stay in the past.

Big Mama