Parents’ concern on safety of school

THE boys Arabic school recently held a briefing with parents regarding its new school complex in Kampong Rimba.

It was a very good initiative by the school which allows parents to prepare on what to expect from the new school and plan ahead.

The briefing was held at the new complex and parents and students had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new surroundings.

However, some parents voiced their concerns especially on the safety aspect of the school.

Classes are held as high as the 5th floor and the quality of the fences are barely meeting the minimum requirement of safety.

The fences should have been stainless steel and sturdily installed, as opposed to the aluminium-like material insecurely assembled.

Surely the school is built to last more than a few years.

With shoddy installation, safety is very much compromised.

I also saw that classes are not equipped with air conditioning and ceiling fans are used instead.

Windows would have to be opened to improve ventilation and based on the location of classes, this is another area of concern.

Another safety concern is a staircase near the main entrance going up to classes, which is poorly designed.

The handrails are as high as the waistline.

Whoever designed these did not take into account the height of a normal person in this country.

Hopefully, something can be done about this before anything unwanted happens.

Stairs are the main mode of access for students to go between floors.

Has the school taken into account students with health difficulties?

I personally know a student who has asthma and has class on the 5th floor.

There are few lifts available but I believe it is only for use by teachers and staff since they are near the staffroom and administration block.

I noticed that the desks and chairs provided are far fewer than the number of students in each class.

Hopefully, none of the old desks and chairs from the old school are used to compensate the shortage.

I also noticed that there is an absence of a surau.

Even the Brunei International Airport has a surau and mosque.

The school is an Arabic school, a place to learn the language of Al-Quran, surely a surau should be available for students to use for prayers.

The school will be used for the first time today and hopefully the safety of the children is high on the school’s agenda.

The authorities should take charge to ensure that schools are a safe place for our children to gain knowledge.

We, parents, are not engineers or architects but we know when safety is being compromised.

– Concerned Parent