Panaga School takes top spot in cross country run

|     Daniel Lim     |

PANAGA School won four gold, four silver and three bronze medals during the annual Inter-School Cross Country Run, alongside Seria Hornbill School and the International School Brunei (ISB) recently.

ISB took second place with two gold, two silver and three bronze medals, while Seria Hornbill School finished third with two gold, one silver and one bronze medals.

Around 120 students took part in various categories during the 2.4-3.6km run, which covered the perimetre of the Panaga School grounds.

Nathan Edwards, a physical education (PE) teacher at the Panaga School, said that the run was a good opportunity for the students to socialise with their peers from other schools.

“Some of the students here run as a hobby, as some are members of the Running Club in Panaga School,” he said.

Tim Robinson, Principal of Panaga School, said that the run is not only about the students’ education, but also about their health and fitness.

“Being able to participate in the run provides an opportunity for the students to develop themselves,” he said.

Some of the students being briefed before the run
Group photo of the students. – PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM