Palestinians cut all ties with Israel, US: Abbas

CAIRO (AFP) – Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas yesterday announced a cut of all ties with Israel and the United States (US), including security cooperation, days after Washington unveiled a controversial Middle East peace plan.

Abbas at an Arab League meeting in Cairo announced the step after US President Donald Trump presented the plan, which is seen as staunchly favouring Israel, but offers Palestinians a pathway to a limited state.

“We are informing you that there will be no relations with you (Israel) and the United States, including on security cooperation,” Abbas said.

He added that the US plan was in “violation of the (autonomy) accords” launched in Oslo in 1993 by Israel and the Palestinians.

The Palestinian leader said the decision follows the US and Israel’s “disavowal of signed agreements and international legitimacy”.

Israel will have to “bear responsibility as an occupying power” for the Palestinian territories, Abbas said, adding that Palestinians will press ahead with their legitimate struggle using peaceful means.

Under the plan, Israel would retain control of the contested city of Jerusalem as its “undivided capital” and annex settlements on Palestinian lands.

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas holds a placard showing maps of historical Palestine at the Arab League emergency meeting in Cairo, Egypt. PHOTO: AFP