Over 250 attend Chevening Youth Forum

|     Danial Norjidi     |

CHEVENING Alumni Brunei and Chevening Alumni Indonesia jointly hosted the 2nd edition of the Chevening Youth Forum (CYF) at Binus University, Anggrek Campus and Yello Hotel Harmoni in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 19 and 20.

The forum was attended by over 250 participants from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei and brought together over 46 speakers, moderators and facilitators from 10 ASEAN countries.

As the organisers explained in a press release, the Chevening Youth Forum – Southeast Asia Edition (CYF SEA) is a platform to bring together Chevening alumni and young leaders from across Southeast Asia to discuss insights, challenges and opportunities to the progress and development of ASEAN, aimed at creating opportunity for Chevening alumni members to contribute to the development of the ASEAN region through engagements with the young leaders.

Founded by Chevening Alumni Brunei, the 2nd edition of the CYF was centred on the theme ‘Empowering Youth for ASEAN 4.0’ and aimed to collectively explore how youth can lead ASEAN into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The press release detailed the forum format, stating that it consisted of three forum sessions, one insight session and 11 parallel sessions on various topics ranging from unpacking industrial revolution, human capital development, commercialising green problems, development gaps, closing the digital divide, sustainable development agenda, entrepreneurship and innovation among others.

It was shared that the sessions were led by young change makers and social innovators from the Chevening Alumni Community in Southeast Asia who are at the forefront of development from policy to technology to environment to business and civil society.

Participants had the opportunity to meet, network and build linkages with likeminded individuals from all over ASEAN with aspirations to make a difference in their communities.

Participants in a group photo. – CHEVENING ALUMNI BRUNEI