Outstanding Achiever Award for 2019 GCE ‘O’ Levels

Amiira, Jovinah, Navya & Jia Qi

Twenty- four students received the Outstanding Achiever Award during a special assembly at St Andrew’s School on February 10. This function was held to celebrate the success of the 2019 batch of Year 11 students who sat for the October/ November Brunei-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Examination. Sixteen students scored aggregate 10 and below while another eight students scored an aggregate of 11 and 12. The top three of these 24 outstanding achievers are Candyce Liaw Chyia Chyi(7A*, 1 A2), Renee Li Rui En (7A*, 1 A2) and Shii Shiaw Yeu (7A*, 1 A2).

St Andrew’s students achieved outstanding quality results in the examination. Fifty-six per cent of the students achieved A* and A grade for Physics, 52 per cent for Additional Mathematics, 43 per cent for Biology and Mathematics (syllabus D), 41 per cent for Literature in English, 36 per cent for English Language, 36 per cent for Chemistry and 24 per cent for Principles of Accounts. Overall, 74 per cent of Year 11 students managed to obtain 5 credits and above.

Principal Tan Lian Lian congratulated the students for their commendable performance in the examination and acknowledged the diligence as well as the dedication of the students, teachers and parents which has enabled the school to achieve such quality results.

The awarding ceremony was followed by a forum facilitated by Assistant Deputy Principal Gladys Yee. During the forum, the outstanding students shared their study habits, personal experiences and the struggles they faced during the period leading up to ‘O’ Level examination. They offered stress busting tips and advice based on their respective experiences such as effective time management, perseverance and the importance of sleep in a student’s life. These extraordinary students further emphasized the significance of setting realistic goals and optimism.

Award recipients in a group photo