Out-of-control truck kills 15 on Indian roadside

AHMEDABAD, INDIA (AFP) – An out-of-control dumper truck crushed 15 people to death as they slept by the roadside early yesterday in western India, authorities said.

The dead included a baby girl, eight women and six men, said police official Usha Rada in the Suraj district of Gujarat state. Six others were injured. The truck collided with a tractor carrying sugarcane just after midnight at a crossroads.

“The dumper driver… lost control of the vehicle and went off the road, crushing labourers sleeping on the roadside,” Deputy Police Superintendent CM Jadeja said.

Police said that the drivers of both the dumper truck and the tractor have been arrested.

High-speed vehicles jostling with motorbikes, pedestrians and cyclists combined with poor infrastructure and poorly maintained vehicles make India’s roads treacherous.