Oud to be determined

Rokiah Mahmud

One must be determined to meet his or her goals, to achieve success, shared Managing Director of Our Agarwood Company Haji Md Nur Adli bin Haji Hanafi as he spoke about his oud (perfume) business.

The idea came to Haji Md Nur Adli when he was in Saudi Arabia, where he noticed the Arabs loved the scent of oud to the point where it can be found in every perfume shop shelf.

Interested to know more, Haji Md Nur Adli and his family began to delve into the world of oud production. Apart from the information found on the Internet, he spent three years in Cambodia to study the process of making interesting scent.

Despite the language barrier, he took up a course to gather as much knowledge as he could with a firm belief that one should learn and understand a products before diving into the business of manufacturing it.

Located in Kampong Tanjong Maya, Oud Agarwood Company is a family affair, led by Haji Md Nur Adli with the help of his wife, parents and other family members.

The place where the agarwood is processed. PHOTO: ROKIAH MAHMUD

What drives him to working hard to become a successful businessman is his family-owned agarwood plantation, which allows him to diversify his agarwood products.

Haji Md Nur Adli said that there are four types of agarwood species and Aquillaria Malaccensis, is among the most prized.

The process of abstracting the scent is a delicate operation, requiring hours of labour to obtain the agarwood oil. Selecting the right type of agarwood tree demands just as much experience and knowledge.

“There are ways to choose the right wood; you cannot just randomly chop it,” he said.

“After choosing the agarwood, the tree will be cut and left to dry, a process that takes between two to six months. Once dried, it is then cut into smaller pieces in preparation for the next process.

He said, “It is important to know that agarwood will not emit its nutrients unless it undergoes some damage or blackening process.

“It is usually caused by soil erosion or termite infestation. The black part of the wood is what makes it valuable,” he shared. Then, the pieces will be ground, then soaked. This process is vital as it will shorten the time for the distillation. He said while a mature agarwood tree takes years to grow, some countries use an injection process to spur growth. Haji Md Nur Adli said his oud has different variations of scent, from strong to soft to sweet, depending on the customers’ preferences.

The company has also collaborated with Darussalam Travel and Tours, under the package of Tutong and Labi Culture, to promote the products.

People who sign up for the tour package will have the opportunity to learn about Oud Agarwood Company as well as the process in producing oud oil.

Oud has many benefits, he added, including easing one’s mind to ensure a good night’s sleep.