‘Ops Merati’ goes into action again

James Kon

A number of restaurants were found defying social distancing recommendations, during an inspection dubbed Ops Merati carried by out personnel of the Health Enforcement Unit under the Ministry of Health (MoH) yesterday.

The restaurants had ignored the MoH’s regulations for a BruHealth QR code at the entrance, social distancing markers at counters and tables, requirement for staff to use face masks and gloves, and customers not to occupy more than the sanctioned 60 per cent capacity on the premises.

The restaurant managers were issued warnings, while the violations were recorded for more follow-up inspections.

Ops Merati 2 was carried out to ensure that all restaurant managers and employees adhered to the MoH guidelines to help curb the transmission of COVID-19, including temperature checks and the use of face masks, hairnets and gloves when handling food.

The operation was also intended as a reminder for restaurant patrons to use the BruHealth app and comply with public health restrictions.

The MoH urged the managers and staff of business premises to comply with the issued guidelines on social distancing obligations and preventive measures against COVID-19.

The MoH also advised business owners to obtain the BruHealth QR code for scanning by customers while entering and leaving the premises, to conduct temperature checks at entrances, and to practise social distancing measures and good hygiene at the premises.

Ops Merati 2 in progress. PHOTO: MOH