Opportunistic man jailed for dishonesty 

Fadley Faisal

A 46-year-old permanent resident was sentenced to two months’ jail by the Magistrate’s Court yesterday after he pleaded guilty to misappropriating cash amounting to BND2,495 belonging to a stranger.

Wafi’izzan bin Abdul Rahim @ Mathew anak Anjan was employed as an Industrial Rope Access worker when he committed the offence.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sabrina binti Haji Mahmud informed the court that the defendant had gone to a bank in Seria on December 3 to deposit cash into an online gambling account using a cash deposit machine (CDM) but failed.

Upon leaving, a lady who was queueing to use the machine saw a wallet left on top of the CDM and thought it belonged to the defendant. She called out to the defendant to inform him that he had left his wallet behind.

The defendant, taking the opportunity, played along and took the wallet while thanking the informant.

He then drove his car to Panaga and took out the BND2,495 and disposed the wallet.

The defendant spent the money on a new mobile phone worth about BND500, deposited BND100 for the online gambling game and BND90 on liquor.

He also made a few subsequent deposits to his game.

Earlier on December 3, the victim forgot he had left his wallet on top of the CDM after making a deposit and came back 20 minutes later only to discover that it was no longer there. The 63-year-old man immediately lodged a police report.

A random jogger came across the wallet with its personal cards scattered on Panaga road and returned it to the victim.

Magistrate Mohammad Marzuqi bin Sabtu handed down the jail sentence for deterrence and the defendant was ordered to pay a compensation of BND2,495 to the victim, or risk serving another month in jail in default of payment.