Operation finds violations of Employment Order 2009

Azlan Othman

The Labour Enforcement Division of the Labour Department held a Selongkar Operation 39/2021 on Tuesday to enforce Employment Order 2009.

Enforcement officers from the Labour Enforcement Division conducted an inspection of grocery stores in Kampong Jangsak and Bengkurong from 8.45am onwards. The operation found a foreign worker designated as construction foreman and company driver doing labour work at the shop and working in other companies.

The inspection of restaurants also found a maid doing the job of a cook. The Labour Department found the employer placing workers in other companies to work that are not working in accordance to their Foreign Worker Licence.

If convicted, the Labour Department will issue a fine of BND600 for the first offence and BND900 for the second offence according to Section 86 and Section 112 of the Employment Order 2009.

The department also found foreign workers not complying with Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Workers for Household Services. If convicted, the department will issue a fine of BND300 for the first offence and BND600 for the second offence.

The department reminded employers to monitor their employees in accordance with the requirements of the Employment Order 2009 such as employment contracts preparation, timely salary payment and providing clean and comfortable accommodation.

For information, contact the Labour Department at 2381848 (during working hours) or 7298989 (outside working hours).

Enforcement officers question a worker. PHOTO: LABOUR DEPARTMENT