Online booking system for sports facilities needs an overhaul

I would like to appeal to the authorities to look into improving the online booking system for public sports facilities.

As it stands, the website runs very slowly. It takes a long time for the page to load, and even if you manage to get to the desired page, there’s no guarantee that it would respond to your time slot selection.

There have been times when I would try to proceed to payment only to have the whole website freezing me out. Logging back in to restart the whole process doesn’t always work as it may say that the time slot has been taken.

Another issue I have with the booking system is the IT team not updating impending closures. As a tennis enthusiast, there are only a few public courts that are in decent condition. So I book far in advance to avoid disappointment.

While public holidays are easy to gauge, there are times when last-minute notices are issued without much explanation regarding the decision. The trouble with these notices is the lack of a refund option. The management would insist that the booking could be carried forward, which is good. But it depends largely on the availability of your preferred court. It seems that priority is still given to those who pay online.

I believe that moving the booking online is a step in the right direction. However, like all new systems, there needs to be a competent team to ensure they run smoothly.