Online application not supported at headquarters

Since the onset of COVID-19 in the country, the authorities have been encouraging a shift in activities online, which includes renewal of driving licences and payments.

My driving licence was up for renewal, and given that the process was normally fairly long at the headquarters, I decided to do so via the app.

Soon after, I received an email stating that it would be ready for pick-up after three working days.

I was made to understand that all I had to do was produce the reference number and they would print a new licence card for me on the spot. However, three days later, when I showed up at the headquarters, I was instructed to place my old licence card along with the queue ticket and payment in the tray, as though I was applying on the day itself.

Fifteen minutes later, I started to notice that people who came after me were getting served first. As it turned out, priority was given to those who were renewing vehicle licences. And since I was the only one renewing my driving licence, I kept getting pushed back.

What irked me more than anything was the fact that there were two women working the station; with one busying with vehicle licence renewal applications. Almost an hour in, the woman finally asked her colleague if she could help to print my licence card.

My question is: What’s the point in pushing for all processes to be moved online when online application seems to be an extra effort that doesn’t change how things are done at the headquarters?

Local Observer