One-year-old critically hurt; six others shot in Arizona

MESA, ARIZONA (AP) — Police in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa in the United States (US) said several young children, including a one-year-old who is in critical condition, were shot while eating dinner with their families.

Seven people, including children ages six, nine and 16, along with three adults, were shot in a parking lot full of food trucks and families who were dining. Besides the one-year-old, the other victims had injuries varying from minor to severe, but officials expected those six to survive.

Police do not have any suspects or know the motive but said a fight between a man and woman had broken out there early in the evening. They said a small box-style SUV pulled up to the lot and started firing.

A worker at one of the food stands fired back, and the car fled. Police do not know if the car was struck. Authorities are looking for any help finding the suspect. “It’s a sad and it’s a tragic day,” Mesa Police Chief Ken Cost said. “Help us bring justice to these family members who had their children shot.”