On-site testing needed at quarantine hotels

Over the past few weeks, there have been more travellers entering the country infected with COVID-19. There is also the likelihood that some of these travellers may be infected with the highly infectious new strains.

Some travellers have been immediately identified on arrival, while others only become identifiable during the quarantine period.

Given the high transmissibility rate and the various opportunities where the virus could potentially escape, this is rather worrying for the wider community as most people have not yet been vaccinated.

The risk of transmission is heightened and could occur when travellers leave their hotels to get tested, or receive medical treatment. Confined and shared spaces with poor ventilation, such as elevators, corridors and transport buses, are all places where the virus could linger and be passed to others. This poses a high risk to hotel staff, other travellers, bus drivers and the medical staff either treating or testing the travellers.

Have the authorities considered on-site testing at individual quarantine hotels? This may be a better option, particularly with regards to limiting opportunities for the more highly contagious strains to infect others.

A Concerned Resident