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Old school cool: New film camera hits Japan 

(ANN/JAPAN NEWS) – Ricoh Imaging Co is set to release the Pentax 17, its first film camera in over two decades, in Japan on July 12, the company announced Tuesday. 

This new model is expected to captivate younger audiences drawn to retro styles and the distinctive experience of film photography.

This release marks the first Pentax-brand film camera since 2003, a move by Ricoh Imaging to tap into the resurging popularity of film cameras among younger generations.

The resurgence is part of a broader trend where vintage technology gains renewed interest for its unique qualities and aesthetic.

Priced at approximately JPY88,000 yen, including tax, the Pentax 17 boasts features that appeal to enthusiasts of classic camera operations. It includes a manual film winding lever and produces silver halide prints, offering a nostalgic touch in the digital age.


The camera employs a half-frame format, capturing two 17mm x 24mm images within a single 35mm-format frame (36mm x 24mm). This innovative design effectively doubles the number of pictures per roll, reducing costs for users. 

In landscape orientation, the Pentax 17 captures portrait-oriented photos, mimicking the familiar format of smartphone images.

Adding to the excitement in Japan’s camera market, Fujifilm Corp. plans to launch the latest model of its popular Instax instant camera series, known as Cheki in Japan, on July 19. 

The competition between these iconic brands highlights the enduring appeal of film photography in the digital era.

As film cameras make a comeback, the Pentax 17 stands out, combining retro charm with practical features, making it a compelling choice for both nostalgic users and a new generation of photographers.