Offenders netted in roadblock operations

Wani Roslan

Officers of Tutong Police Station who conducted a roadblock operation at strategic areas recently recorded five compound offences including modifying vehicles and installaing tint on vehicle’s windows.

A similar operation was also carried out at Lamunin in which two compound offences were recorded when an unroadworthy vehicles was used, and the installation of curtain and tinted windows. The operation took place at Jalan Kampong Lamunin area towards Kampong Layong.

Meanwhile, Belait Police District Headquarter officers recorded two offences involving the licence plate’s light not been lit, and an expired vehicle licence during an operation.

The operation will continue to ensure that road users are aware and compile with the traffic laws and at the same time, to ensure the vehicles are in good condition and safe to use on road.

Illegally tinted car windows found during the operation. PHOTO: RBPF