Obama complains about leaders who beat their chest

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) – Former United States (US) President Barack Obama said on Tuesday night that much of what is trotted out as leadership today is just old-style beating your chest and being louder and more self-centred.

Obama didn’t mention any politician by name but told a Canadian crowd that politics now is too often about being more aggressive.

He said listening to the advice of others and surrounding himself with people of integrity were the foundation of his leadership style.

Obama said he is proud he left office without a scandal and said he wanted people with integrity working with him from the start. He said that allowed his administration to function smoothly and efficiently.

Obama said the seeds for President Donald Trump’s election were planted when Sarah Palin was chosen to run as the Republican’s vice presidential nominee in 2008.

He said Palin’s presence gave voice to populist elements in the party, opening the way for Trump’s rise.