‘O’ Level, IGCSE results out

The Ministry of Education (MoE) through the Department of Examination issued the results for Brunei Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level and IGCSE October/November 2020 yesterday.

At the national level, 6,137 candidates sat for the ‘O’ Level examination including the IGCSE. Of these, 1,362 or 22.19 per cent obtained eight to 11 ‘O’ Levels, an increase of 3.25 per cent and 2,779 candidates or 45.28 per cent obtained five to 12 ‘O’ Levels, an increase by 4.2 per cent. Candidates who obtained at least four ‘O’ Levels and above are 3,308 or 53.90 per cent has shown an increase of 5.31 per cent compared to the previous year.

This year, out of 5,694 school candidates, 2,775 or 48.74 per cent obtained at least five ‘O’ Levels, an increase of 6.88 per cent from the previous year. Meanwhile, 3,295 or 57.87 per cent of candidates obtained at least four ‘O’ Levels, an increase by 8.36 per cent from 2019.

For government school candidates, 1,010 or 20.33 per cent obtained at least eight ‘O’ Levels, an increase of 3.52 per cent compared to last year. Out of the 4,967 government school candidates, 2,202 or 44.33 per cent got at least five ‘O’ Levels. This achievement shows an increase of 6.31 per cent compared to 2019.

Five hundred and eighty-six school candidates (10.29 per cent) obtained Grade A in five to 12 subjects. Some 98 candidates (1.6 per cent) showed excellent results with the achievement of Aggregate 6, Grade A* in six to 11 subjects. This achievement is an increase of 1.11 per cent from 2019. In addition, one candidate (0.02 per cent) obtained Grade A in 12 subjects and five candidates (0.09 per cent) obtained Grade A in 11 subjects. Meanwhile, 90 candidates (1.58 per cent) got Grade A in eight subjects consisting of 49 candidates from government schools. One hundred and twenty-one candidates (2.13 per cent) obtained Grade A in seven subjects, 149 candidates (2.62 per cent) obtained Grade A in six subjects and 152 candidates (2.67 per cent) obtained Grade A in five subjects.

Thirty-four out of 49 schools comprising 25 government schools and nine private schools have shown an increase of between 0.75 per cent and 35.95 per cent compared to the 2019 achievement.

This year, 548 candidates who participated in the Year 4 General Secondary Education Programme (Year 10), namely those who attended two lower secondary years and two upper secondary years. From this total, 451 or 82.30 per cent are candidates from government schools. The number of government secondary school candidates who obtained at least eight ‘O’ Levels are 355 candidates or 78.71 per cent, an increase of 15.36 per cent, while 436 government secondary school candidates or 96.67 per cent obtained at least five ‘O’ Levels, also increased by 5.42 per cent.

Meanwhile, at the national level, there is an improvement in the performance of BC GCE ‘O’ Level candidates with Grades A-C for 23 out of 28 subjects – Bahasa Melayu, Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK), English Language, Mathematics Syl D, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Malay Literature, Literature in English, Hafaz Al-Quran, History (2171), Computer Science, Geography, Economics, Arabic Language, Additional Mathematics, Statistics, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Art and Design, Travel and Tourism, Commerce and Business Studies with an increase between 0.52 per cent and 26.58 per cent.

The achievement of the IGCSE examination for eight subjects namely 510 English As a Second Language, 0511 English As a Second Language, Mathematics, Physical Education, Information and Communication, Design and Technology, Travel and Tourism and Enterprise ranged from 1.41 per cent to 57.94 per cent compared to 2019 achievement.

Students who sat for the examinations in October/November 2020 may obtain result slips from their schools while private candidates can do so from the Department of Examination at the MoE.

Students and the public wishing to sit for the BC GCE ‘O’ Level/IGCSE in May/June 2021 can register at their schools or the Department of Examination, MoE (for private candidates). The closing date for registration for private candidates is on February 16.