Nurturing football talent in local youth

Fadhil Yunus

The Indera Sports Club Academy (ISCA) 1.0 programme 2020 launched at the Peak Performance Sdn Bhd last weekend.

Acting Director of Co-Curriculum Education Mohammad Norilham bin Haji Jais was the guest of honour.

Head of Youth Development at Indera Sports Club Roney bin Morni said, “The Indera Sports Club Academy was established to produce players starting from the grassroots level and make them well-equipped to be absorbed into the Indera Sports Club football and represent the national team in the future.”

He said, “This is in line with the planning of the Club’s Youth Development Programme of three to five years emphasised in the Club Licensing System which has been introduced by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) through the National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) in 2018.”

The club has rolled out two package training programmes for 2021 – grassroots programme for those aged under six to 12 and for youth aged below 13 to 18. Academy players will be provided full attire including a shirt, pants, socks and a sling bag.

Acting Director of Co-Curriculum Education Mohammad Norilham bin Haji Jais officiates the ISCA 1.0 programme 2020 launch. PHOTO: INDERA SPORTS CLUB

Both package programmes will be complimented with a participant protection insurance for a year called Active Life, Takaful Brunei.

The players will be given exposure to represent the Indera Sports Club Academy according to the current tournament category such as youth competitions, competitions at grassroots level, festivals and the like.

Initially, there were only 65 participants as each team category was formed on a limited basis where they enjoyed accomplishments winning several competitions such as the Under-12 Category of the National Grassroots 4×4 Game Festival 2019 organised by NFABD and the 2nd Peak Performance and McDonald’s Junior Age Group Football Tournament 2019 for the under-12 category.

The Indera Sports Club Academy expanded registration through online at the beginning of November with 110 participants accepted for both categories which brought a combined figure of 175 participants. The ISCA 1.0 programme 2020 focusses on training where participants will be guided and taught by 15 club academy trainers.

Indera Sports Club will also involve four female trainers in the academy for the first time.

Roney said that most trainers obtain an AFC licensing certificate under the NFABD.