Numbering system needed at JAPEM office in Kuala Belait

I would like to raise my concern on the lack of a queue-numbering system at the Community Development Department (JAPEM) office in Kuala Belait.

I had to wait for more than three hours during a recent visit to the office before my name was called.

I was among the first few pensioners waiting outside the office since 7am.

When the office finally opened at 8am, around 300 men and women rushed through the narrow door to submit their pension-booklet in a box provided at the counter.

Once this was done, the next rush was to secure a seat at the limited-number of chairs in the room.

In my case I failed to get a seat and was forced to stand for the next three hours.

There were only two JAPEM officers attending to the pensioners and people who are entitled for government financial supports.

Over the hours, more pensioners arrived swelling the existing crowd to about 400 and more. In the absence of a queue-numbering system, pensioners and recipients of government financial-supports would have no idea when they would be called. In this situation they have no choice but wait indefinitely.

Unlike at other government agencies, the experience at JAPEM office in Kuala Belait has a lot to be desired.

Mat Pencen