Number of China-Europe freight trains supports go up boosting economy

ULAN BATOR (Xinhua) – The number of China-Europe freight trains travelling through Mongolia increased by well over 50 per cent in 2018, benefitting the landlocked country’s economy, a senior foreign ministry official said yesterday.

“The China-Europe freight rail service network is a crucial part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. We believe that the service is a ‘realistic step’ that supports the development of trade and economy of countries along the Belt and Road,” Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia Tuvshintugs Battsetseg told Xinhua.

“We are happy that the number of the China-Europe freight trains via Mongolia has been dramatically increasing year by year. As the service expands, its contribution to the Mongolian economy has been increasing,” Battsetseg said.