Novel writing contest opens to public

Rokiah Mahmud

The Language and Literature Bureau (DBP), through its Literature and Magazine Division, calls onthe public to take part in a novel writing competition.

The competition held in conjunction with Language Month 2021 was aimed at upholding the prestige of Malay Language in accordance to Brunei Constitution of 1959.

The competition was also aimed at producing new writers to preserve the Sultanate’s literary heritage.

The competition is open to citizens and residents of Brunei aged 18 and above. Officers and staff of DBP are allowed to take part in the competition except for members of the coordination committee for the competition.

The themes, issues and philosophies should be in accordance to Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) with discussion covering culture, history, civilisation, religion, education, society and topics that uplift the identity of the Malay language.

The novel should meet literature standards of not less than 30,000 words, written in Malay Language using Times New Roman font size 12.

Registration form and manuscript should be submitted to the secretariat of the novel writing competition no later than August 31, 2022 at 4pm. For information, contact 2382511.