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Friday, December 1, 2023
28 C
Brunei Town

Not too revealing, please!

I noticed since lately a trend among the younger generation wearing clothes that are too revealing in public, and even in social media, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Where there is no news to call out or take action for this challenge in authority, I urge these exhibitionists to respect our country and the beliefs we practice.

We fail to remember the common decorum of how we should act or dress in public.

There is a place and time to dress for the occasion and clearly shopping for groceries at the residential convenience store wearing a skimpy outfit is not appropriate.

I am not in the position to judge but it is disheartening to see those who clearly disrespect the majority of people’s beliefs in dressing modestly.

I am only stating what should be the act of politeness and wearing appropriate and decent clothing out in public.

Decent & Proper


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