Not giving way to ambulance should be a crime

I’m writing in response to the letter, ‘Call for end to tailgating practice’, published in the Bulletin on July 17. I agree with Safe Driver in that tailgating is a selfish act that puts other road users at risk.

However, I would like to point to another practice that is also prevalent on the roads.

While the sight of an ambulance is not a common sight, I’m flabbergasted by the lack of common sense in a number of drivers. With the sirens and lights on, all that is required from the motorists is to give way to the ambulance in concert.

From my experience, it’s a lot messier in practice than in theory. Some drivers would immediately move to the side, while others would appear oblivion to the sirens and lights. As a result, the ambulance would have no choice but to drive at the same snail-pace as the car in front of it.

I find the severe lack of awareness of the surrounding among these drivers astounding. To the patient inside the ambulance, the delay could be a death sentence.

I hope to see a severe penalty on these drivers to bring home the message that getting in the way of an ambulance is not just illegal but a selfish act.

Road Rager