No segregation for male/female patients at private X-ray centre

I RECENTLY went for an X-ray at a private centre at Jaya Setia Square.

I was rather taken aback to experience the lack of professionalism in the way patients were handled at the centre.

The nurse was extremely loud in handling each person and we were rushed through the process.

After she took my X-ray, she opened the door to allow the next patient (a male) to come in while I was still in a state of undress.

While I was still putting on my clothes and hijab, the nurse went ahead to take the next person’s X-ray. It was shocking to see that there is no segregation between male and female patients and that X-rays are taken while there is another patient in the room. This should not be the case.

I hope the authorities will do a review on these centres to ensure proper practices are being maintained.

– Privacy Please