No priority for 50-59 age group?

I would like to commend the authorities for keeping the citizens and residents safe throughout the whole of last year and for the well-timed vaccine rollout, especially in light of new COVID-19 strains.

I was however surprised to note, upon looking at the target audience for the three phases, that the 50-59 age group has not been given precedence.

A number of countries have recently decided to prioritise this age group, given that a selection of data has indicated that there is much larger risk of death and more serious illness in the bracket as compared to those in the 30-49 range.

Recent data also indicated that there are far more people with underlying conditions in the 50-59 age group than those in the younger age brackets, with many unaware that they even have an underlying condition.

As every country is different with regards to issues pertaining to the health of its people and the variety of factors take into consideration, it would be interesting to hear the authorities’ view on the decision, as to whether it is something that they have or are currently considering.

Relatively Senior