Nine-year-old boy catches massive blue catfish in New Mexico

NEW MEXICO (AP) — He caught a fish “this” big.

No, really.

A nine-year-old New Mexico boy landed a 19-kilogramme blue catfish yesterday evening while fishing in the Elephant Butte Reservoir.

Kris Flores said his son, Alex, made the big catch by himself and shattered dad’s record of reeling in a 16-kilogramme fish.

Flores said the fourth grader named the fish Wailord after the Pokemon character.

The father said his son released the fish back into the reservoir after taking some photos and videos. The biggest fish ever reportedly caught in Elephant Butte history was 35 kilogrammes.

Alex Flores, nine, holds a 19-kilogramme blue catfish he caught while fishing in the New Mexico’s Elephant Butte Reservoir. PHOTO: AP