NFABD to organise national programme for coaching

Fadhil Yunus

The National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) Technical Development Department will organise a National Programme for Coaching and Education and Learning of Coaches in Brunei for 2020.

The programme marks a commitment to the education of coaches at all levels of the game in Brunei. This will provide the cornerstone for the development and stability of football in the country.

This also provides an opportunity to develop better players, better performances and better results throughout all levels of the game.

Equally important is the process of self-discovery for all coaches who access courses, workshops and self-directed learning.

NFABD vision is to provide aspiring coaches with the training, support and guidance to succeed in both club and international coaching at the highest level.

Throughout the development of highly educated coaches, it is hoped that domestic, professional and national team football in Brunei will continue to improve and help support NFABD’s mission to be a ‘developing and striving football nation’.

The national course programme for 2020 include NFABD Asian Football Confederation (AFC) ‘B’ Diploma Course – Part 1 (January 13-22), NFABD AFC Coach Educators Course (January 25-30), NFABD AFC ‘A’ Diploma Course – Part 1 (February 3-14), NFABD AFC GK Coaching Course – Level 1 (February 24-29), NFABD AFC ‘C’ Diploma Course 1(March 9-20), NFABD AFC ‘B’ Diploma Course – Part 2 (June 15-24), NFABD AFC ‘A’ Diploma Course – Part 2 (July 6-17), NFABD AFC Futsal Level 2 (September 7-13), NFABD AFC ‘C’ Diploma Course 2 (September 15-26), NFABD AFC GK Coaching Course Level 2 (November 16-22) and AFC Fitness Coaching Course-1A (November 30-December 4).