New vehicle offerings enter Brunei market

Kiarong based TCY Motors will launch the new DFSK Glory 560 SUV, as first of many offerings alongside light commercial vehicles.

Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK) is a joint venture between Dongfeng Motor, ranked 82nd in last year’s Fortune Global 500, and Sokon Group, a press release stated.

The story of DFSK can be traced back to Dongfeng Motor Group, China, founded
in 1969.

Global automobile manufacturing enterprise Dongfeng Motor has cooperated with several international automobile enterprises such as Peugeot SA and Renault in France, Kia in Korea, Honda, Infiniti and Nissan in Japan.

Based in Hubei, the Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM) is China’s third largest auto group, with assets of RMB240.2 billion and 176,000 employees. DFM’s main business covers the full range of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, new-energy vehicles, engines, auto parts and components, and auto-related business, with the business scale exceeding 3.8 million units.

The new DFSK Glory 560 SUV

DFM started the production of minivans in 2003, following the establishment of Dongfeng Yuan Vehicle Co Ltd. Now known as DFSK Co Ltd, the company is China’s second largest vehicle manufacturer.

DFSK operates in six manufacturing sites in China producing minivans, motorcycles, ATVs and shock absorbers.

They gained international quality certification ISO9001, 3C and Environmental Certification ISO12000. They are currently engaged in partnerships with several of the world’s leading motor manufacturers, making their vehicles for the Chinese domestic vehicle market and beyond.

DFM became the second largest Chinese automaker in 2012 by production volume manufacturing over 2.76 million vehicles that year.

By the end of 2014, DFM supplied the market with 26.6 million vehicles, of which its commercial vehicles (trucks and buses) cover a full range of products including heavy/middle/light-duty, mini, and special-purpose modified vehicles, etc. Its passenger vehicles cover various types of models including the sedan, SUV, MPV, mini car and so on, its high mobility special offroad vehicles cover desert vehicles, all-wheel-drive off-road trucks and more, and its new-energy vehicles cover various types of hybrid vehicles, BEVs, natural gas vehicles and so forth.