New rules enhance pencak silat profile

Fadhil Yunus

Brunei Darussalam’s pencak silat community applied new competition regulations during test artistic and tanding events at the Sports School in Kampong Pulaie yesterday.

A seminar on the new regulations was recently held via Zoom.

“The seminar introduced and enhanced the knowledge of the new pencak silat competition rules for 2020 to athletes, coaches and wasit-juri,” said Mohamad Rizal bin Haji Besar in an interview with the Bulletin.

The wasit-juri highlighted the major changes to the regulations, which are “90 per cent different from previous rules”, he said.

Previously, the regulations were limited especially in terms of shots, such as the use of knees not being allowed.

However, this move is now allowed in the new regulations.

The new regulations, implemented by the founding members of Persilat (International Pencak Silat Federation) namely Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, also revealed the characteristics of Malay silat.

The wasit-juris oversees an artistic event. PHOTO: FADHIL YUNUS

“Based on the new regulations, the execution of shots is not limited. Before this, only five to six shots were allowed.

“The new regulations allow athletes to attack freely, even up to seven or eight attacks, as long as they do not move out of the court lines.”

One apparent change in the artistic events is the number of wasit-juri expanded from five to 10.

Mohammad Rizal said the new regulation will promote pencak silat as Brunei Darussalam is one of the founding members that introduced it to the international stage.

The new rules will also help view Malay silat as a sport which features the same qualities as other martial arts.

Meanwhile, national team athlete and captain Abdul Rahman bin Haji Bujang Ah thanked the Brunei Darussalam Pencak Silat Federation (PERSIB) for applying the new rules.

“This will help us with our preparation to refresh our knowledge for future competitions overseas,” he said.

The Singapore Open gold medallist added that other forms of martial arts have been incorporated with the exception of ground moves.

“We must learn to prepare ourselves and train. With the new rules, Alhamdulillah, we can accept and use the current techniques in overseas competitions. We will work hard to perform based on what has been taught to us,” he said.

PERSIB President Pengiran Haji Mohamad bin Pengiran Haji Ludin presented certificates to wasit-juris who attended the new competition regulations seminar.

A total of 72 countries comprising over 970 participants participated in the seminar.