New product line for cars launched

Izah Azahari

Automagination Services launched the new ECU=SHOP product line. ECU=SHOP is a brand from Thailand compatible with the new Nissan Almera 2019 model and is also available for the new Honda Civic and Accord with turbo-engine (2017 model onwards).

Automagination’s Sim Poh Fatt introduced the ECU=SHOP’s product’s benefits.

For the new Nissan Almera, it gives better and more exciting performance with other safety features such as Eco-Mode for fuel saving and Anti-Slip Mode which is useful when driving during rainy conditions.

Automagination Services Head of Operations Lim Seng showcased the benefits of the features that can be activated via a mobile application.

Automagination Services has been the authorised distributor of ECU=SHOP brand in the Brunei market since 2016, and the new PowerBox installed on the new Nissan Almera improves its performance giving additional horsepower and acceleration response through a simple plug-and-play that does not require re-wiring, making it safe to use.

Automagination Services invites videographers to participate in their ‘B-Roll Video Competition’ open for registration from July 28 to 30, with only 20 slots available.

The best video will be awarded BND400 cash voucher.

Other participants will receive gifts as a token of appreciation.

The public can visit the showroom in Lambak Kanan Industrial Area or social media accounts @automagination on Instagram or ECU SHOP_Brunei and Automagination Services on Facebook.

The new ECU=SHOP product line. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR