‘New normal’ guidelines issued

James Kon & Rokiah Mahmud

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) confirmed that food premises, including restaurants, cafes and food courts, can now operate at normal capacity starting today.

However, food premises’ managers are required to abide by the regulations under the new normal of the fifth De-Escalation Plan, MoHA said in a press statement.

Food premises are allowed to serve buffets, while staff are urged to wear face masks during the handling and serving of the food. Employees feeling unwell are advised to take leave.

Food stalls under the purview of the district offices and municipal departments, or those under government and private managements, are also permitted to operate at normal capacity, while food vendors need to exercise control at their establishments.

Dine-in services at normal capacity are also allowed, while staff involved in the handling of the food are recommended to wear face masks.

Organisers of sales exhibitions, bazaars and expos are meanwhile encouraged to have proper control in place at the venues. Workers, especially those preparing and handling food, are encouraged to wear face masks. Those feeling unwell should stay at home.

Organisers of sales exhibitions, bazaars or expos within the jurisdiction of MoHA must submit their applications to the ministry, through the Onebiz system. All inquiries should be addressed to Darussalam hotline at 123.

Cinemas nationwide can also operate at normal capacity, without age limits.

Under Level 5, food premises managers, food vendors, premises managers and event organisers, as well as cinema managers, are required to display the BruHealth QR code at entrance and exit points.

Registration books should also be provided for the convenience of visitors without the means to scan the QR code.

The number of visitors allowed inside at a time is 1,000, in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) guidelines on mass gatherings. Hand sanitisers should be provided for visitors, along with temperature checks, while entering the premises.

The public is reminded to practise good hygiene, including washing hands frequently and using face masks in crowded areas. Those exhibiting symptoms of infection are urged to stay at home.

Cooperation from all parties is urged. Those found violating rules and guidelines are liable to legal action under Chapter 204 of the Infectious Diseases Act.