New ‘Law & Order’ brings back Detective Stabler

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The latest member of the Law & Order franchise has a familiar face playing a familiar character, but producer Dick Wolf says he’s switching up the storytelling.

NBC’s Law & Order: Organized Crime stars Christopher Meloni as New York police detective Elliot Stabler, the role he played until 2011 on Law & Order: Special
Victims Unit

Unlike the largely self-contained episodes of its Law & Order relatives, the new drama shifts from one criminal syndicate to another in multi-episode arcs. It debuted on April 1 at 10pm EDT, paired in a crossover episode with Law & Order: SVU at 9pm EDT.

Think of it this way, Wolf suggested: “If the first eight episodes are The Godfather, the second eight episodes are American Gangster and the third eight episodes are Scarface.

“You have major antagonists around to build a really good, longer-term story,” he told AP.

That allows for options “we haven’t had a chance to explore yet, including antagonists that aren’t complete ‘black hats’, that can be more nuanced.”

Law & Order: Organized Crime also brings a new writer-producer to the franchise’s ranks, Ilene Chaiken, whose credits include the groundbreaking The L Word, and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Christopher Meloni portrays Detective Elliot Stabler in a scene from the new “Law & Order: Organized Crime”. PHOTO: AP