New Land Rover Defender set to rock Asia

James Kon

The new Land Rover Defender is set to make its debut in Asia with a special online broadcast at 9pm today.

The public can watch the unveiling on Land Rover Asia Pacific’s YouTube channel at

Land Rover Defender has been an iconic off-road vehicle for the past decades. The much-anticipated new Defender has been revamped for the 21st Century to show fresh features.

Driven by a passion and respect for the original Defender, the new addition delivers transformational breadth of capability. Its advanced all-terrain technologies redefine adventure for the 21st Century while remaining true to the pioneering spirit that has been the Land Rover hallmark for 71 years.

To celebrate the occasion, Land Rover is producing a special 30-minute video to provide viewers with an in-depth look at the new Defender.

The new Land Rover Defender. PHOTO: LAND ROVER

Jaguar Land Rover Asia Pacific Managing Director Robin Colgan said, “There is a strong emotional attachment to Defender. It was the only vehicle that could cope with difficult conditions, which made it a unique proposition.”

He said, “We think of the Defender as part of our legacy. But it is also one owned by communities around the world. People in this region (Asia Pacific) consider this vehicle very much a part of their own history. They are custodians of the brand; and it will be the same for the new Defender too.”

Singaporean adventurer Rozz will host the digital reveal as viewers explore Land Rover’s history and how the Defender has been reimagined and engineered for the digital generation.

The public can also visit Indera Motors, distributor of Jaguar and Land Rover in the country this weekend to view and test drive the new Defender.