New kids’ series ‘Pikwik Pack’ puts spotlight on deliveries

Mark Kennedy

NEW YORK (AP) — The studio behind the kids’ mega-hit TV show Paw Patrol has a new animated series that arrives timed perfectly for a global pandemic – It celebrates delivery people.

Pikwik Pack, which airs on Disney Junior and DisneyNOW, stars four animal friends working together to deliver packages in their community. In the real world, postal workers and delivery drivers are being cheered as essential workers.

“We’re launching the show at a time that we feel the world actually would really appreciate this,” said President and Executive Creative Director Frank Falcone of Guru Studio, which produced the series. “Even when we were developing it, four years ago, we couldn’t possibly have imagined that we’d be in our homes really counting on a doorbell ringing and something arriving.”

The preschool series features Suki the hedgehog, Axel the raccoon, Tibor the hippo and Hazel the cat. They each have a favourite mode of transportation — train, helicopter, truck and boat.

Every 12-minute episode is a quest to hand-deliver a package – A space-obsessed child gets a telescope, a blueberry farmer tired of his fruit gets an apple tree and a milkshake shop gets a much-needed blender. Each time the deliverers sing: “Together we travel, by land, sea and air, to bring you this package, delivered with care.”

“Everything that the characters deliver in the show are always meant to bring people together. They’re not items that you use for yourself. They’re items that can help you bring together the people in your community,” said Falcone. “We’re not encouraging selfishness. We’re encouraging sharing. Deliveries are a good way to bring a community together.”

Vice President of Creative Development Rachel Marcus at Guru Studio, said the show and its four critters stay true to the studio’s character-driven focus.

“Each has a flaw and each has a strength,” she said. “Everyone can utilise their strengths and help each other with their flaws and moments where they need to grow and learn.”

This image released by Guru Studio shows Axel the raccoon, Suki the hedgehog, Hazel the cat and Tibor the hippo, from the series ‘Pikwik Pack’. PHOTO: AP