New HSE software introduced

James Kon

Nuara Group introduced NuaraSAFE HSE Management System during a sharing session held at the Avenue 41 yesterday.

NuaraSAFE is a web-based and fully integrated Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Management software that allows for easy and efficient reporting, tracking and management of incidents, near misses, audits and investigations.

The core software engine of NuaraSAFE is built on German technology and has been proven across industries and company sizes.

Nuara Group’s Managing Director Barbora Grexa said, “A suitable HSE Management System will help eliminate inefficiencies and reduce the time it takes to take action. By having key data available at your fingertips, increased transparency and accountability is ensured. This in turn will help to draw better analysis to make better decisions. With all those factors in place, the consequence is a decrease in operational risks which will ultimately also help to reduce costs.”

NuaraSAFE supports HSE departments with capturing HSE related information and ensuring compliance with guidelines and regulatory requirements.

NuaraSAFE key features include complete inspections, record near misses, report incidents and track investigations from anywhere and in real time, allow users to include detailed descriptions, upload supporting images and pinpoint locations by geo-tagging incident locations. The software also helps categorise incidents by type, location, and configure automatic stakeholder notifications.

Meanwhile, NuaraSAFE Group’s Corporate Executive Dayangku Hazimah binti Pengiran Sabri said, “With NuaraSAFE being web-based, it ensures accessibility to all staff and promotes quick and effective action to mitigate risk and increase safety.” Additional features in the NuaraSAFE pipeline include an add-on module for Permit to Work (PTW) Management as well as real-time on-site personnel tracking likely to be released in 2020.

Managing Director of NuaraSAFE Barbora Grexa during the sharing session. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI