New generation lacking comprehension skills

I believe that the habit of reading is lost on the new generation of youngsters.

While I do acknowledge the authorities’ effort in promoting a reading culture among them, I wonder if it has been effective thus far.

There are times, when browsing social media, that it is blatantly clear these youngsters do not have the attention span to last beyond the headline.

To compensate, they jump to conclusions based on the few words that have been absorbed.

As a result, false information is being circulated in their peer groups.

As the young generation is also more dependent on social media for socialising, it wouldn’t surprise me that a lot of fake news have been generated due to their shallow take on news items in general.

Social media is here to stay, not just among the young generation, but also small businesses taking advantage of the affordable medium to reach a wide audience.

Thus, I believe it is important for the authorities to take stock of the new reality and prescribe a better education system to ensure that our future is not led by a group of people with poor comprehension skills.

Concerned Oldie