Never lose hope: Imams

Azlan Othman

Yesterday’s Friday sermon highlighted the importance of never losing hope or giving in to despair during difficult times.

“Since Allah the Almighty has given us reason, we should strive to think of different ways and solutions in overcoming problems,” said Imams while delivering the sermon.

“Life is full of trials, challenges and obstacles. As believers, we are required to remain positive and not to despair of Allah the Almighty’s grace, especially when we are confronted with problems or when we are faced with difficult situations. Our religion forbids its adherents from giving up, because those who despair are straying from the path of righteousness.”

“Among the main factors which cause people to despair are misfortunes such as failure and chronic or prolonged illness, in addition to social, emotional and economic pressures such as business, unemployment, education, debt and household crises,” said the Imams.

“It must be remembered that everything which takes place has its positive points. Allah the Almighty did not create anything out of vain and does not oppress His servants. Allah knows what is best for us.

“Therefore, let us educate our hearts to be positive regarding the decree and provisions of Allah the Almighty, as Allah is the best planner.”