Neutering, spaying most humane way to combat stray dogs issue

I AM writing in response to ‘Stray dog issue in RPN Kampong Rimba’ by Aida Rimba published in the Opinion page of the Borneo Bulletin on June 26.

I am happy to learn about Aida Rimba’s views as I find them reasonable, caring and rationale.

Aida raised her concerns about the issues of stray dogs roaming around her village as this will cause safety, hygiene, leisure activities and the general living conditions.

Her calls for concerns are all as valid as they can be.

What I appreciate about Aida’s views is that she also expressed perspective from the animals’ health concerns as roaming outside with strays may result in rabies and other diseases, and on this matter, Aida rightfully called for the responsibility of pet owners to be a responsible pet owners (same as parent-child relationships).

In response to the problem of strays in Brunei, I am in complete agreement with Aida that this is a pressing matter that needs to be addressed.

This urgent matter needs the unity and resolute of all of us in the Brunei community to work together in a humane way as the efforts of the few are not enough to handle this problem.

From the conditions of the strays as described by Aida, they must be suffering too.

I hope that the authorities and everyone will not use the harmful cruel way of poisoning or killing the stray dogs. It is not their choice to want to be strays.

As observed in other countries, especially western developed nations, the best way to solve the problem of strays in the long term is through neutering and spaying to curb their growth in population.

Unfortunately, neutering and spaying cost money and in Brunei it costs BND120 for females and BND180 for male dogs.

I have been donating cash, food and newspapers to Care & Actions for Strays (CAS) for their TNR (trap, neuter, release) programme for a while now but my effort is meagre.

I call for everyone to practice kindness towards these strays animals and contribute in our little ways towards elevating their sufferings as well as solving this problem using a long term solution through neutering and spaying.

– LL