Nepotism has no place in national sports development

As someone currently affiliated with a national sports federation, I can vouch that the practice of nepotism is rampant, both on the selection of the executive committee members as well as athletes to represent the country in regional and international events.

Authorities have entrusted these federations to support the country’s development in sports. As a member of a national federation body, it is disheartening to see the unethical practice of favouritism depriving deserving athletes and new blood of the exposure that could make the country proud in the international arena.

It is no wonder that sports have not been able to flourish. Talented individuals have simply not been given the necessary attention to shine.

These national federations exist as self-governing bodies. In cases of discrimination, who and where can an athlete go to report the issue? Is there a governing body to oversee these national federations?

It is time the authorities look into this matter.

We need these national federations to do their job of progressing sports development.

National coaches, who are accomplice to the unethical practice of these federations to ensure they get to keep their job in the country, should be immediately removed to allow those with the right attitude and intention to hold the torch when it comes to developing our athletes.