Neighbourhood Watch teams strengthen ties with police

|     Daniel Lim     |

OFFICERS from the Tutong Police Station recently met with Neighbourhood Watch teams from various villages to strengthen ties and discuss matters relating to maintaining the peace and tranquility of the nation.

W/Cpl 4899 Noraiziah and Corporal 5250 Md Fadilah led the officers of the station, while the Neighbourhood Watch teams were represented by Kampong Bukit Udal Village Head Juhno bin Perak; Kampong Bukit Udal Neighbourhood Watch member Lim Meng Dong; and Kampong Bukit Beruang Neighbourhood Watch member Yunos bin Haji Ghani.

During the meeting, the officers explained the role of the Neighbourhood Watch in realising the objectives of preventing criminal activities and maintaining peace and harmony of their surrounding areas.

A similar meeting was also held by the Berakas Police Station, led by Sergent 3094 Azlan, and Corporal 3854 Haji Tajuddin; who met with the head of the RPN Kampong Lambak Kanan, Haji Jumat bin Nasir, to discuss activities planned by the village’s Neighbourhood Watch Team.

Photos above & below show police personnel in talks with Neighbourhood Watch members