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Neighbourhood thief jailed 16 months

Fadley Faisal

The Magistrate’s Court yesterday sentenced a local man to 16 months’ jail after he pleaded guilty to two charges of theft.

Senior Magistrate Azrimah binti Haji Abdul Rahman handed the sentence to Muhammad Aizuddin Asman, 20, who admitted to stealing a grass-cutting machine and a welding machine from two homes in the same neighbourhood over two days.

Prosecutor Ahmad Firdaus Mohammad revealed that as the defendant was making his way over by foot to a friend’s house at Jalan Nenas Pisang in Kampong Katok ‘B’ on February 23, he came across the grass-cutting machine chained to a gas cylinder at a house.

The defendant pulled out a pair of pliers to cut the chain off, before leaving the premises and parking the equipment along the roadside.

Later in the day, the defendant hitched a ride with a friend to pick up the grass cutter. It was then left at a friend’s house, with a BND10 payment made to the defendant.

The following day, the friend inquired as to where he could get a welding machine. The defendant offered to sell him one, adding that he would first require a ride to secure it.

The friend got his nephew to drive them to the house the defendant was referring to, where the welding machine would later be stolen from.

The friend gave the defendant BND40 for the welding machine. Both thefts were reported to the police by the victims, leading to the defendant’s arrest.

The court also heard that the defendant has past records of theft.


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